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Brenden started playing guitar as a teenager at the age of 15. The first time he ever played a guitar was his cousins and he fell in love with the instrument instantly, according to Brenden, it started a “fire” inside him. After some time, Brenden with one of his local mates started to perform at the local footy club and that was his first step to becoming a performer. During this time at the high school Brenden met a few friends he could actually start a band with. One of them was Kerry McKenna, Brenden's long time friend who has been with him throughout his music career. Brenden went on with Kerry to form a professional band called Madderlake. During this year Brenden was a final year diploma graphic art student at the Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne and he left University to tour with his band, which really didn't please his mother or father.  Madderlake received a golden record for their album, Twelve Pound Tooth Brush in the years 72 - 73. It was the first ever album to receive a golden record which was pure Australian, composed by Brenden and his band, and recorded by and Australian record company called Mushroom Records. In the mid 70's the band left Mushroom Records and started playing on their own. Nothing stays forever they say, and it was the same for Madderlake. Brenden quit the band after some time. He got married to his wife whom he met while playing in the band and started working at Fretted Instruments, but performed continuously. Brenden started Real Guitars in 1987, and Ian Holding, his friend and current working partner joined him after sometime. Brenden has had a band until recently with his daughter and Ian performing together.